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The popular Dashboard Widget comes to iPhone and iPod Touch... and gets a huge makeover.

Countdown Calendar for Dashboard's simplicity and elegance made it one of the Mac's most popular widgets. (A Steve Jobs demo didn't hurt, either.) But there are tons of great feature ideas that I've received over the past few years that are simply too hard to implement in a Dashboard widget. Not to mention: wouldn't it be nice to carry those countdowns around with you?

So here it is: Countdown Calendar for iPhone. Sure, it counts down dates. But it does more. A lot more.

Reviews from users.

— "I've tinkered with other Countdown apps...this is by far the best."

— "You won't be sorry...this app has absolutely no learning curve."

— "A smart interface that absolutely any Apple user would love."


Localized? Not yet. Hopefully soon.

Countdown Calendar is currently English only, and the Countdown Repository is decidedly U.S.-centric. But hopefully that will change in the future. Keep your eyes peeled for new releases. (And if you might be interested in helping me localize Countdown Calendar to your language, please contact me via the Support link below.)

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Known issues.

Here is a list of known issues in the current version of Countdown Calendar.

Get help.

Check out the Tips & Tricks page for suggestions on how to best use Countdown Calendar. Beyond that, contact for technical support, suggestions, anything.

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